Can't start initial VMs for reduced footprint setup

asked 2016-07-01 14:41:48 -0500

ebyrne gravatar image

I am trying to create a reduced footprint setup with Mirantis Openstack 8.0 as described in (

I can build the physical nodes as type "virt", and create VMs on the nodes with create-vms-conf, but the VMs I create are never launched after I deploy changes (with no errors reported). If I log into one of the nodes and try to start it manually, I get the following error:

# virsh start 2_vm
error: Failed to start domain 2_vm
error: Unable to add bridge br-prv port vnet4: Operation not supported

The machine does show the br-prv interface up, as well as all of the expected physical and vlan interfaces. Network connectivity test from the Fuel UI works fine.

I am using VLANs for network segmentation and did configure libvirt for openvswitch. I did not create a networking template, but used the Fuel web UI to set up the required VLANs.

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