working with external dhcp and enable metadata server

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Hi All

i am working in a network that requires not openstack related network DHCP because the Organization DHCP add additional information to the Instance .

however i also need the cloud-init when instantiating the instance ,so i need its routing rule that enable access to metadata server at the controller in the first place

what can i do in-order to have both "worlds" ?, is there a way for open stack to intercept incoming DHCP packets and add the meta data routing rule to them ?

thanks for your help

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answered 2016-07-03 15:00:23 -0600

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An instance can reach metadata via:

An instance will reach via:

  • default route (pointing to Neutron router)
  • static route (pointing to Neutron DHCP namespace)

As long as your org's DHCP server is sending a default route pointing to the Neutron router, I would think you'd be good. Otherwise, you may be limited to using config-drive instead, since it doesn't rely on DHCP.

You can also add DHCP options to Neutron ports that you attach to instances if you'd rather Neutron handled the entire stack rather than using org's DHCP server.

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