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asked 2016-06-28 06:00:58 -0500

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Hello Everyone,

I have Openstack single node installation I am trying to create floating IP pool as follows: $ nova floating-ip-bulk-create --pool cloud-ip-pool

But it is giving me the following message:

ERROR (Forbidden): Policy doesn't allow os_compute_api:os-floating-ips-bulk to be performed. (HTTP 403) (Request-ID: req-07e3dddf-a162-4655-95ef-377b3bff65c7)

When I tried the command using sudo, it gives:

You must provide a username or user ID via --os-username, --os-user-id, env[OS_USERNAME] or env[OS_USER_ID]

I would greatly appreciate if any one can help me resolve this problem.


Hamid Sultan

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Have right user which has permission.

SGPJ gravatar imageSGPJ ( 2016-07-09 02:20:17 -0500 )edit

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answered 2016-07-07 15:08:32 -0500

kaustubh gravatar image

The 403 error indicates you do not have sufficient permission to perform the request. From the documentation, it looks like the operation is limited to administrator. You might want to try the command with admin user credentials.

Alternatively, you can modify the policy.json file in /etc/nova/ to allow non-admin users to perform the operation.

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answered 2016-07-05 23:07:10 -0500

james-denton gravatar image
  1. Can you confirm you're actually using Nova networking, or Neutron? If using Neutron, you'll be utilizing a completely different workflow compared to floating IPs with Nova network.

  2. When you sudo, you are executing commands in an environment different from the one you originally sourced the credentials in and none of the environment variables are set.

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