"url_helper.py" Need to disable these messages

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Hello Team,

I am working on the network configuration, where I have configured and external network of the subnet 10.209.82.x and have attached an Instance (RHEL 6.0) directly to this network and have assigned it with floating IP. However, on booting the instance I keep getting following message "url_helper.py[WARNING]:Calling '' failied " , which in turns delays the booting of machine. Is there a way to disable this message.


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answered 2016-06-29 16:11:08 -0600

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You'll need to launch your instances on an internal network so that they can access dhcp and metadata. External networks are there to use for Floating IP addresses.

Floating IP > NAT > Internal IP

Public networks should be created in the Admin tenant.

You'll want to work out of another tenant, say create one called "demo" like the guides, or create a tenant based on the project you are working on. From that point you can create an internal network for the tenant. You'll launch the instance on the internal network in the new tenant.

The issue with using the Admin tenant is that you're able to see all of the resources available. You aren't meant to launch instances on an External network (at least not out of the box.) DHCP is supposed to be disabled on the Public Network as well (external network.)

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Thanks for the reply. Presently, I just managed to get rid of these messages by removing packages with cloud-init.

amit-g gravatar imageamit-g ( 2016-06-30 11:26:55 -0600 )edit

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