Swift latency on small objects

asked 2016-06-16 05:14:47 -0500

jmbonnefond gravatar image

Hi there I'm trying to move from multiple NAS storage over NFS solution to Swift.

I have a lot of small objects (image preview). We often load 1000 object consecutively at once.

So, I’m running some performance test around swift and I have two problems regarding latency to access these "small" objects (for example 4KB)

First one is, when I GET a 4K object on my my current NAS over NFS storage, it takes an average of 2ms to loas, but the same object on swift takes an average of 12ms. So instead of the usual 2 second needed to load 1000 consecutive objetcs, it will theoretically takes 12 seconds…

Second problem, where the swift average latency is around 12ms, about 5% of my requests sucks and takes very high latency (around 500 to 1000ms). So my 1000 consecutive objects takes around 30 sec in real life to load…

Do you have any good suggestion or links I could follow to tune my swift deployment and enhance these two problems?


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