sahara java job always ends with killed state

asked 2016-06-16 04:29:15 -0600

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HI, I am running java job on hadoop cluster and the details are below...

I am using below source code which is mentioned in below link ( (

In sahara dashboard i am doing the following steps:

1.Create a job binary that points to the edp-java.jar file

2.Create a Java job type and add the job binary to the libs value

3.while Launching the job i gave following details:

args as swift://new/information.txt swift://new/output

configuration as

fs.swift.service.sahara.username---swiftuser fs.swift.service.sahara.password----swiftpassword

Main class as org.openstack.sahara.examples.WordCount

then launched job which always ended with killed state.please help me to solve the issue??

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answered 2016-12-13 06:23:16 -0600

fleal gravatar image

Did you resolve the problem? I'm getting the same and I'm not seeing where I'm wrong. Can you help me?

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