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asked 2016-06-15 16:48:09 -0600

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Hello all, I have an openstack Liberty setup in a 2-node architecture with 2 compute controllers. Utilizing the linuxbridge agent and vxlan interfaces. I have been able to configure the stack in a virtualized environment running on a debian proxmox backend. The virtualized nodes themselves are running ubuntu 14.04 server. I have lbaas v1 setup and was wondering if it is possible to setup a load balancer for an RDP connection.
The load balancer is setup to the proper subnet with a pingable VIP and a floating IP attached. The loadbalancer has the proper servers as members and has the appropriate port assigned; the protocol implemented was TCP. The VIP is not pingable through the floating IP however; it is pingable from within the subnet. Is there anything I may be doing wrong?

---OK I am adjusting the question as I have verified that RDP works in the load balancer. The problem I noticed I am having is that the load balancer is not being routed to via the floating IP.

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