How to create network configuration for Openstack Mitaka

asked 2016-06-13 19:45:01 -0600

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 Hi All,

 Currently I have installed Openstack Mitaka on CentOS7.2 with one Controller & one Compute node & both of them are Virtual Machine.some how i have mis-configured the network part i feel.  My internal network is & external network in The does not exist anywhere in my local network in office & this is the new network i have created for as Private-Net for assigning IP address to Virtual Machines. My Public-net is exists in my office network). My Controller  & compute nodes are also on network & these two controller & compute nodes are virtual machine with high end configuration. Now the Problem is when i am creating VM & assigning floating IP with 10.4.7.XX series i some how can not connect to Virtual machines from outside the network with floating IP. I can ping the floating IP but can not SSH. to test whether my networking is correct or not, i reconfigured my network to flat network & then i was able to connect to my newly created VM's(Flat network didn't had Floating IP address) directly from my PC/Laptop.

    Now can please let me know where should i check & what to check so that my VM's can be accessible from outside with floating IP address. I have been struggling with this since last 15-20 days. any help is really appreciated

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Hi All,

Can anyone who have experienced this issue please share your thoughts.

Thanks Partha

dashpartha gravatar imagedashpartha ( 2016-06-14 13:27:18 -0600 )edit

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answered 2016-06-23 13:25:02 -0600

dashpartha gravatar image

updated 2016-06-28 17:53:58 -0600

Hi All,

My Network issue is resolved & now i am able to connect to VM's from outside with floating IP's & flat IP's

How did i resolve it? Answer:- Initially i had only one Network interface configured for Controller & Compute for management purpose.Later i have configured one more Network interface with different subnet & provided access to 2nd network inerface on both the nodes on ESXi server level(through vSphere client ). The 2nd Network interface does not have IP address. Then i followed ( to create instances.

If anyone wants detail information about how the network is configured please let me know i can provide you the details

Thanks Partha

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Hi Partha, I have a similar environment, But i am unable to get the IP to the VM, But the DHCP seems to be giving the IP address to the VM.

vaidyanath-m gravatar imagevaidyanath-m ( 2016-06-25 00:47:06 -0600 )edit

Hi Vaidyanath,

Can you please give me more details on this? like 1-Which networking methods are you using? Provider OR self-service? 2- How did you configure you network on Controller node and Compute node?

dashpartha gravatar imagedashpartha ( 2016-06-28 17:51:30 -0600 )edit

Hi partha, I am using provider network. I have the dhcp and metadata services installed in controller also I have installed openvswitch in controller i dont have anything installed in compute node. I am using - DVS

vaidyanath-m gravatar imagevaidyanath-m ( 2016-07-08 04:01:06 -0600 )edit

Hi Vaidyanath,

I am not using openvswitch, i am using linux bridge agent. Though the networking part is complex in OpenStack but same way it is simple also. I think i can not write more on this due to restriction on characters on this forum. let me know how to write it back to you in details

dashpartha gravatar imagedashpartha ( 2016-07-08 14:01:36 -0600 )edit

answered 2016-06-20 09:52:21 -0600

dbaxps gravatar image

updated 2016-06-22 08:16:58 -0600

You wrote

i reconfigured my network to flat network & then i was able to connect to my newly created VM's(Flat network didn't had Floating IP address) directly from my PC/Laptop.

The core idea belongs Laurentiu Soica. The idea is "To place VIRTHOST on linux bridge && add to Controller/Network interface like shown below in sample designed by myself for a bit different task but core idea stays the same

image description

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answered 2016-06-19 06:38:25 -0600

Christophe Gasmi gravatar image


If you can ping your instance, maybe the problem is the rule in security group.

Do you have check that is ok?

If it's good in the security group, do you have try to connect from your controller with "ip netns exec" ?

look here for troubleshoot your neutron:


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Hi Christophe,

I Can not ping my instances & its not taking IP address also. Can you please help me how to setup my network. Currently i have Two virtual machine hosted on an ESXi server. One Virtual machine is Controller & another is Compute.Controller & Compute has now 2 NIC

dashpartha gravatar imagedashpartha ( 2016-06-20 11:57:18 -0600 )edit

Hi Christophe,

The issue is resolved now

dashpartha gravatar imagedashpartha ( 2016-06-23 13:26:48 -0600 )edit

answered 2016-10-17 08:06:26 -0600

Michel gravatar image

Hi Partha,

Are you able from your 10.0.0.XX KVM instances to ping 10.4.7.XX VMWare instances.

I am trying to achieve this since a while.

My KVM instances need to communicate with VMWare instances...



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