Private network routing for Autopilot

asked 2016-06-13 09:07:27 -0600

kmarsh gravatar image

I'm looking to do a trial run of Ubuntu Autopilot, and was wondering how to mostly simply accomplish the following setup:

Have the internal (private IP) network routable to the outside, meaning someone on the outside network could bounce off of a router and access an instance directly (say, by SSH or HTTP) by it's internal IP. Public IP's would be reserved for a few instances providing services only (or maybe use a one or a few for routing as well.)

Current tools prevent us from using OpenStack Public IP's as they don't match the Instances perception of what IP is being used. In other words, NAT works well one way, but not the other.

The reason for this, I am modeling how AWS is used, where developers have direct access to the private IP's for most duties, and the public IP's are customer-facing services only.

Software implementations preferred, if it works well I could upgrade to hardware in the future.

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