Floating IP not pingable for other projects except admin [closed]

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Configured icehouse on Centos 6.6 multinode setup with neutron (Controller,network and computes) all the services propely functioning including internet connectivity comes in all project instacnes all intances have access to internet .when attach floating ip to intsance in admin project are able to ping the instance by floating IP. But when we attach floating to other project instacne it successfully attached but not able to ping floating IP .what i have misconfigured.Please suggest something

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answered 2016-11-09 05:49:35 -0600

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updated 2016-11-09 05:55:00 -0600

  1. Source keystonerc_demo ( user demo, project poject1)
  2. Proceed as follows for instance security- group-id as bellow
    [root@overcloud-controller-0 ~]# nova secgroup-list
    | Id | Name | Description |
    | 13b19617-b96a-4342-b90b-8d9bd17da784 | default | Default security group |

    [root@overcloud-controller-0 ~]# neutron security-group-rule-create --protocol icmp \
    --direction ingress --remote-ip-prefix 13b19617-b96a-4342-b90b-8d9bd17da784

    [root@overcloud-controller-0 ~]# neutron security-group-rule-create --protocol tcp \
    --port-range-min 22 --port-range-max 22 \
    --direction ingress --remote-ip-prefix 13b19617-b96a-4342-b90b-8d9bd17da784

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thanks dbaxps, i have to add this security group for every individual project

cloudlearner gravatar imagecloudlearner ( 2016-11-22 03:23:08 -0600 )edit

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