vm instances creation is not balanced over the compute nodes

asked 2016-06-04 13:12:43 -0500

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We have an openstack environment with 1 controller (cloud1) and 3 computing nodes (cloud2 to cloud4). For some reason, cloud4 (node-6) was down. Then, we powered up cloud4 and starting all the nova services on it. It is now visible by the controller and everything looks good. However, when creating new instances, the scheduler completely ignores placing the new VMs on cloud4 (node-6) which makes it under-utilized comparing to the other computing nodes. Screenshots are attached https://goo.gl/photos/auDSTySFppMWDHNn8

Your help is really appreciated.

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Just for debugging, try force launching the instance on the cloud4 compute. If it fails then there is an issue. Check the nova-compute and nova-scheduler(runs on controller) logs Use this command:

# nova boot --image <uuid> --flavor m1.tiny --key_name test --availability-zone nova:cloud4
pjb gravatar imagepjb ( 2016-06-10 12:32:18 -0500 )edit