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Dear Cinder experts Greetings. I am working on deploying Centos Open stack and facing an interesting issue on my cinder component, given that I am using three node deployment architecture controller , Compute and Storage Node. following are some data

No volume .log file is generate so I even can not check what went wrong , need Immediate help Controller Node My Controller Node is working Fine, but I am not able to see any data for volume.log in /var/log/cinder folder. I am able to See api.log, Cinder-manage.log,scheduler.log which is given as below, [DEFAULT] Controller Node cinder.conf DEFAULT]

From cinder

Backup metadata version to be used when backing up volume metadata. If this number is bumped, make sure the service doing the restore supports the new version. (integer value) backup_metadata_version = 2

The number of chunks or objects, for which one Ceilometer notification will be sent (integer value) backup_object_number_per_notification = 10

Interval, in seconds, between two progress notifications reporting the backup status (integer value) backup_timer_interval = 120

The maximum number of items that a collection resource returns in a single response (integer value) osapi_max_limit = 1000

Base URL that will be presented to users in links to the OpenStack Volume API (string value) Deprecated group/name - [DEFAULT]/osapi_compute_link_prefix osapi_volume_base_URL = <none>

Ceph configuration file to use. (string value) backup_ceph_conf = /etc/ceph/ceph.conf

The Ceph user to connect with. Default here is to use the same user as for Cinder volumes. If not using cephx this should be set to None. (string value) backup_ceph_user = cinder

The chunk size, in bytes, that a backup is broken into before transfer to the Ceph object store. (integer value) backup_ceph_chunk_size = 134217728

The Ceph pool where volume backups are stored. (string value) backup_ceph_pool = backups

RBD stripe unit to use when creating a backup image. (integer value) backup_ceph_stripe_unit = 0

RBD stripe count to use when creating a backup image. (integer value) backup_ceph_stripe_count = 0

If True, always discard excess bytes when restoring volumes i.e. pad with zeroes. (boolean value) restore_discard_excess_bytes = true

File with the list of available smbfs shares. (string value) smbfs_shares_config = /etc/cinder/smbfs_shares

Default format that will be used when creating volumes if no volume format is specified. (string value) Allowed values: raw, qcow2, vhd, vhdx smbfs_default_volume_format = qcow2

Create volumes as sparsed files which take no space rather than regular files when using raw format, in which case volume creation takes lot of time. (boolean value) smbfs_sparsed_volumes = true

Percent of ACTUAL usage of the underlying volume before no new volumes can be allocated to the volume destination. (floating point value) smbfs_used_ratio = 0.95

This will compare the allocated to available space on the volume destination. If the ratio exceeds this number, the destination will no longer be valid. (floating point value) smbfs_oversub_ratio = 1.0

Base dir containing mount points for smbfs shares. (string value) smbfs_mount_point_base = $state_path/mnt

Mount options passed to the smbfs client. See mount.cifs man page for details. (string value) smbfs_mount_options = noperm,file_mode=0775,dir_mode=0775

Compression algorithm (None to ... (more)

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