murano installation as the stand alone service

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I am trying to install murano as the stand alone service in ubuntu 14.02 using the following link given below:

Under the "Install the API service and Engine" section in step 7, while trying to run the command:

tox -e venv -- murano-api --config-file ./etc/murano/murano.conf

I faced issue that connection refused while connecting to the rabbitmq service so i installed the same in this machine and tried the same command above but now i am facing the following issue:

2016-06-01 06:14:52.707 3376 ERROR oslo_service.service AccessRefused: (0, 0): (403) ACCESS_REFUSED - Login was refused using authentication mechanism AMQPLAIN. For details see the broker logfile.
2016-06-01 06:14:52.707 3376 ERROR oslo_service.service

Anyone has any suggestions to overcome the above issue and also any suggestions on this murano installation as well.

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Is you rabbitmq authentication correct at murano.conf?

Eduardo Gonzalez gravatar imageEduardo Gonzalez ( 2016-06-01 08:08:18 -0600 )edit

Yes the values configured in both oslo_messaging_rabbit and rabbitmq sections, values as follows:

rabbit_userid = guest rabbit_password = guest rabbit_login_method = AMQPLAIN rabbit_virtual_host = /

host = localhost port = 5672 login = guest password = guest

If anything is missed here?

Viveka gravatar imageViveka ( 2016-06-01 22:21:21 -0600 )edit

Does Openstack needs to be installed before installing murano? Or still we can able to install murano without devstack?

Viveka gravatar imageViveka ( 2016-06-02 01:50:24 -0600 )edit

You can install murano without devstack, but not without openstack. Murano needs auth with keystone, instances at nova, glance, neutron, etc. You can check this blog to see how to manually install without venvs:

Eduardo Gonzalez gravatar imageEduardo Gonzalez ( 2016-06-02 02:02:45 -0600 )edit

Hi Eduardo-gonzalez,

Have u tried murano installation in ubuntu? Facing some issues with "No module named pbr_json" while installing the "requirements.txt" file. I believe this is related to keystone client.

Viveka gravatar imageViveka ( 2016-06-07 21:57:10 -0600 )edit