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ceilometer - volume.size and ip.floating working issue

asked 2016-05-31 23:47:23 -0500

itsme gravatar image

I am using Cloudkitty Liberty version in my Devstack.

Basically, cloudkitty is using ceilometer for collecting data to be rated.

So it is depending on meters such as volume.size, instance, storage.objects.size, floating.ip etc.,

I can be able to see that storage.objects.size, instance etc can be a meter which providing data always. That is we can collect the data from those meter for billing periodically.(Each and every hour)

But I am unable to get the data from the meter for volume.size and floating.ip always(each and every hour). Both of these meters providing values only once. After that unable to collect data from those meter for billing.

Is there anyway available to make those meter to provide data always as needed.

Please someone have a look and let me know your comments.

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answered 2016-06-01 03:05:32 -0500

yprokule gravatar image

@itsme - volume.size is derived from notifications sent by cinder. This is quite enough cause this meter states simple fact - the size of volume is N GB. U don't have info how much space is in use inside it. When volume is resized U'll receive new notification with updated value. So my suggestion is to use the last sample for the specific volume.

ip.floating meter can be polled on regular intervals. So this shouldn't cause any problems. Next snippet from pipeline.yaml show how to poll it every 10 min:

- name: floating_source
  interval: 600
    - "ip.floating"
    - meter_sink
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It worked, Ur polling code yml is fine. I had to fix a issue in liberty version, After that its fine

itsme gravatar imageitsme ( 2016-06-01 08:31:35 -0500 )edit

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