openstack-nova-compute: inactive (disabled on boot)

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Kindly provide me a solution this is the output i get with openstack-status.

== Nova services ==
openstack-nova-api:                     active
openstack-nova-cert:                    active
openstack-nova-compute:                 inactive  (disabled on boot)
openstack-nova-network:                 inactive  (disabled on boot)
openstack-nova-scheduler:               active
openstack-nova-conductor:               active
== Glance services ==
openstack-glance-api:                   active
openstack-glance-registry:              active
== Keystone service ==
openstack-keystone:                     inactive  (disabled on boot)
== Horizon service ==
openstack-dashboard:                    uncontactable
== neutron services ==
neutron-server:                         failed
neutron-dhcp-agent:                     inactive  (disabled on boot)
neutron-l3-agent:                       inactive  (disabled on boot)
neutron-metadata-agent:                 inactive  (disabled on boot)
neutron-lbaas-agent:                    inactive  (disabled on boot)
== Cinder services ==
openstack-cinder-api:                   active
openstack-cinder-scheduler:             active
openstack-cinder-volume:                inactive  (disabled on boot)
openstack-cinder-backup:                inactive  (disabled on boot)
== Support services ==
mysqld:                                 inactive  (disabled on boot)
dbus:                                   active
rabbitmq-server:                        failed
memcached:                              active
== Keystone users ==
Warning keystonerc not sourced
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Due to services names looks like RDO . Which release and method of installation ?

dbaxps gravatar imagedbaxps ( 2016-05-31 07:34:06 -0500 )edit