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can i migrate vm running on from one compute node to another compute node in multi-hypervisor?

asked 2016-05-24 12:36:45 -0500

br gravatar image


one controller node has two compute nodes. compute node-1 running with KVM and compute node-2 running with Xen hypervisor. Vm1 is on ComputeNode-1(KVM) Vm2 is on ComputeNode-2(Xen)

Now can I migrate Vm1 to ComputeNode2 and Vm2 to ComputeNode1? Is it possible?

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answered 2016-06-10 09:55:48 -0500

Bob Ball gravatar image

I believe live migration is only possible between the same hypervisors; so if you want some of the Compute nodes to be Xen, then you can only live migrate to other Xen-based compute nodes.

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