Tripleo Template to create 3 controller and 3 compute with nfs for glance and cinder

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updated 2016-05-23 16:18:40 -0600

I am trying Red Hat Openstack platform 8. on 7 UCS cisco servers 1 for the undercloud and 6 for overcloud (3 controller - 3 computes). NFS share for Glance and Cinder

6 NIC interfaces on each blade

enp6s0, enp7s0, enp8s0, enp9s0 ,enp10s0 and enp11s0

I am using enp7s0 for provisioning PXE network and I am planing to use only enp6s0 for other overcloud networks with vlans.

Networks Vlans

Provisioning Network           Vlan 56 Gateway
  InternalApiNetCidr:              Vlan 58 Gateway
  StorageNetCidr:                   Vlan 57 Gateway
  StorageMgmtNetCidr:        Vlan 59 Gateway
  TenantNetCidr:                     Vlan 60 Gateway
  ExternalNetCidr:                   Vlan 55 Gateway

The servers registered to undercloud (#openstack baremetal introspection bulk start) command run successfully. and I tagged 3 servers to control profile and 3 servers tagged to compute profile.

I am facing many problems with the templates as I followed Red Hat official documentation to customise the templates to our storage and network but every time I run openstack deploy command It fail and give me many errors. so I would appreciate if you provide me the templates which suit my environment and how to run it using "#openstack deploy overcloud" to create the overcloud.


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