load balancer as a service for all protocols

asked 2016-05-16 08:19:48 -0600

fresher gravatar image

I have a openstack juno cloud with one controller+neutron node and three compute nodes. I want to create a load balancer for balancing the load on a set of VMs of same type. The load to these VMs would come from VMs on the same subnet and the the communications are using different protocols i.e. TCP and UDP. I read about HAproxy lbaas and lvs lbaas. HAproxy is protocol dependent which would not suit for the multiple protocol scenario and LVS is a plugin on the router which too would not work. Are there any variation of lbaas to suit this need. Also, can any of the above (HAproxy or LVS) be modified to suit my need? Please guide me on this.

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