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Install fuel behind a proxy?

asked 2016-05-13 03:56:15 -0500

S.Boran gravatar image

Hi, is there a way to install fuel (8.0) behind a proxy firewall? I need to install fuel on an internal network, because that is when it will manage/provision baremetal hosts.

One work around tried was to install fuel on a network with direct internet access, and then move the fuel server to the internal network I needed to run on, however although fuelmenu allows the IP settings to be change, the dhcp ranges for PXE boot cannot be changed "DHCP range must contain previous values"

Another idea was to install fuel on the network with direct internet access, and then add second network interface on the internal network used to managed hosts (PEX etc.), however fuelmenu does not allow PXE to be changed: "Cannot change admin interface after deployment"

Any suggestions please?

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answered 2016-06-21 16:32:12 -0500

when installing fuel you can add proxy, but remember to add no_proxy for local address and lopback

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