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How to configure openstack swift without other openstack projects?

asked 2016-05-05 13:42:26 -0500

Porunov gravatar image

I try to configure swift object storage but without success. If I use controller with keystone then all works good (like in documentation): (
But the problem is that I want to use only swift object storage. Nothing more.
I have tried to configure swift like in that documentation but without [filter:keystoneauth] and [filter:authtoken].
After that I tried to verify operations with this command: swift stat
It shows:

Auth version 1.0 requires ST_AUTH, ST_USER, and ST_KEY environment variables
to be set or overridden with -A, -U, or -K.

Auth version 2.0 requires OS_AUTH_URL, OS_USERNAME, OS_PASSWORD, and
OS_TENANT_NAME OS_TENANT_ID to be set or overridden with --os-auth-url,
--os-username, --os-password, --os-tenant-name or os-tenant-id. Note:
adding "-V 2" is necessary for this.

But I don't have a keystone. How can I get access to the swift?
If I am not wrong it is the article to configure swift without keystone: (
But it is little bit hard. I am not sure how to follow this article properly.

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answered 2016-05-05 23:05:12 -0500

Mohit gravatar image

This is bit old but it works,

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