OpenStack APIs - [Error: Unable to find matching endpoint for requested service]

asked 2016-05-04 08:14:58 -0500

joeurc gravatar image

I am using pkgcloud to interact with my OpenStack environment. I am attempting to create a compute client through the following API:

var openstack = pkgcloud.compute.createClient({
        provider: 'openstack',
        username: '----',
        password: '----',
        authUrl: 'AUTH_URL'

Unfortunately, I am getting the following error back:

[Error: Unable to find matching endpoint for requested service]

I am sure that my username and password are correct, but not so sure about the AUTH URL. My URLs seem to be different than most of the guides I have seen and have done some inferring to try different URLs for it, to no avail. Here's what I am seeing - when I am in the Access & Security tab of my OpenStack environment, I click Download OpenStack RC File. This file gives me this URL in the OS_AUTH_URL field https://public.fuel.local:5000/v2.0 . Understanding this would not be able to be hit from my local machine, I did some inferring and replaced public.fuel.local with the IP of our FUEL server.

This may be completely wrong, but I cannot find anything explaining exactly where to find the auth url when the openrc file looks like mine. Does anyone know if this is an issue with our environment, or simply with the AUTH URL I'm using? Also any information on how to debug this issue would be awesome.

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