ERROR glance.registry.client.v1.client [req-bf88db3e-45c7-4ea0-8eb6-47f0752cb9fb 96ea83c8452545febcb969eb80e011a8 50004475add6457ab3281823cefbdff8 - - -] Registry client request GET /images/733aaa58-f3cc-4d41-a6c2-5043e0ae7a6d raised ServerError :

asked 2016-05-03 23:25:40 -0500

Nareshkumarboddu gravatar image

We are using the Openstack Liberty version on opensuse 13.2 and this error raised when we tried to view the image list on the dashboard and later resumed. During that period even neutron stopped working for a while and later it resumed. This error occurred when we tried to upload the image via the dashboard and continued for few minutes before everything went fine.

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