Issue Regarding configuration of Cloudforms 3.1 on top of RedHat Openstack 5

asked 2016-05-03 05:18:02 -0500

CloudIsMyLife gravatar image

I have installed RedHat Openstack 5 on top RHEL 7.2 and Have deployed the Cloudforms 3.1 qcow2 as an appliance on top of my Openstack deployment.

The openstack is running on and the IP allocated to the Cloudforms machine is from the private network that is of the network range range.

Now i did the initial configuration of Cloudforms appliance such as internal database configuration and the network configuration was done as Static network configuration and gave it a free IP in the network range series.

But after restarting the EVM processes I am still unable to get the GUI of the cloudforms appliance by pointing to the static IP i allocated to the cloudforms machine.

Kindly Help me on this issue.

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