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Hiya, I installed fuel on virtual box running on my home computer. Out of the box the public network is set to
IP range: -

Neutron L3 floating ip range: -

In this case the connectivity check is successful but I want the public and floating ip addresses to be on my home LAN so I can get to the VMs from other computers. The home LAN is When I change the above to the following, the check fails.
IP range: -

Neutron L3 floating ip range: -

The error is:

Verification failed.
Repo availability verification using public network failed on following nodes Untitled (49:e5).
Following repos are not available -,
. Check your public network settings and availability of the repositories from public network. Please examine nailgun and astute logs for additional details.

I don't understand why the check is failing. Shouldn't it be able to get to the internet when the public network is set use IP addresses that are in the home LAN? I don't see anything obvious on the controller (49:e5) node logs.

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Check the /etc/resolv.conf entries for nameserver. I'm running into a similar issue where my /etc/resolv.conf files contain an entry for a nameserver on my home network which don't work when I take my laptop to work and use the network there. Switching to and restarting services fixed it.

medington-cb gravatar imagemedington-cb ( 2016-05-03 15:54:38 -0600 )edit