DNS server on private IP and floating IP

asked 2016-04-28 16:24:31 -0600

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updated 2016-05-25 06:27:50 -0600

I'm a new player on openstack. i’ve tried to deployed ubuntu-based OpenIMSCore on an Openstack instance, but i got a problem when i tried to make DNS server with bind9 (http://test.ims.org) for the OpenIMSCore worked, because i used neutron as the openstack networking. So, the instance has two IPs, Private IP ( and the Floating IP or Public IP (

Until now. i’ve make the DNS (http://test.ims.org) worked successfully on the Private IP, but it’s not work on the floating IP, and i can’t ping the DNS (http://test.ims.org) from the public network.

Which IP must i use to make the DNS server worked and it can be accessed from the public network? How to make DNS server worked on the instance’s private IP and the Floating IP?

Thank You

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