Creating and attaching .OVA (Open Virtual Appliance) image in Open Stack Kilo hangs........

asked 2016-04-26 05:38:05 -0600

shashidhar gravatar image

updated 2016-04-26 05:38:49 -0600

Using the Open Stack Kilo release dashboard, when i try to create image and try to attach the .OVA (Open Virtual Appliance) image the dashboard completely hangs and every time I try this, i have to restart the browser. Initially i have tried with attaching image size of 300+MB, but even when i have tried with 75+MB image size dashboard doesn't work.

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answered 2016-04-26 13:28:06 -0600

soumitrakarmakar gravatar image

you need an hypervisor which supports ova, like vcenter.

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answered 2016-04-27 06:34:27 -0600

shashidhar gravatar image

I don't think so we need to have a hypervisor for .ova. I mean i need to have some kind of supported driver i guess. When we attach any images in OpenStack, it will be in controller node and handled by "Glance" feature of OpenStack. On this controller node i cannot have one more hypervisor

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answered 2016-07-01 02:03:34 -0600

Hi Shashidhar,

I know it is a wrong platform to ask this but could you please guide me for the steps and configuration changes for the deployment of Open Stack Kilo release. I have tried it many times but I am not able to view orchestration tab in that. I am working to generate HOT template and the same has to be on Kilo version.

Please help.

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