Failed to quick deploy an new Application and to add to environment

asked 2016-04-25 13:21:13 -0600

JuhBass gravatar image


I´ve been encountering some problems with a simple package I´m trying to create. It is kind of a combination between ApacheHttpServer and MySql Database: the Package is supposed to deploy two virtual machines, one a HTTP Server and the other a MySql Database.

I got no error while uploading the archive, but when I try to do a Quick Deploy or add the application to an environment, it fails displaying the following error in a red pop-up:

"Danger: An error occurred. Please try again later. "

I´ve searched for more information about why is it failing in the logs in the Horizon Dashboard, but I haven´t found any trace to why is it failing. No error or warning can be found in ALL the logs available at Horizon Dashboard, so I have no ideia what should I do...

Could anyone help me find the source for those problems, please?

Link to download my Package (of course it doesn´t have any viruses): (


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