OpenStack Liberty MetaData ssh authentication problem

asked 2016-04-23 03:47:58 -0500

BM Shukla gravatar image

I have OpenStack Liberty installation. Earlier I used to access any VM through public-private key authentication. We used CentOS 7, Debian 8, Ubutu 15 VMs. I was able to launch around 2500+ VMs. All worked well But now I am able to see my VM through ssh but it is asking directly password after ignoring my private keys. It started after 12 March 2016. I traced and found that it is due to Metadata Service misbehaviour. If somebody can tell be how to solve it?
Note: Every week I usually update my base OS (Cent OS 7.2) along with OpenStack. This might be the cause or I cleaned my configuration files which caused this issue I am not sure about it.

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