Problem with VXLAN Tunnel

asked 2016-04-20 12:58:01 -0600

Bose gravatar image

I have a problem with a VXLAN tunnel in a DVR infrastructure (Liberty). My scenario is the follow:

VM1(Lan1) <--> Router1 <---> Router2 <--> VM2(Lan2)

VM1 and router 1 are located in compute node A, VM2 and router 2 are located in compute node B; I've created the static routes on both the router. Neutron doesn't create the VXLAN tunnel that connect Router 1 and Router 2 between the two compute nodes, but in case of VM3 located in compute node B in the same LAN of VM1 the VXLAN for communication between VM1 and VM3 (intra-lan communication) works properly. Using tcpdump on router 1 i see the ARP request outgoing but i can't see the ARP replay.

Any ideas?

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