See Connections and ResponseTime for Loadbalancer

asked 2016-04-20 04:59:02 -0600

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one litte question (i hope).

For the end of my project, i will find out, how i can track incomming requests, for this quesion known as Workload, and the Responsetime.

I found out that with the jdk Openstack4j i can track the aktiveConnections.

stats = os.networking().loadbalancers().lbPool().stats(lbPool.getId());

In my case i want to see the average ResponseTime for all Connections. Is there any posibility to find these out?

I need these for my project, to elvate own Scaling-Algorithmen. In this case we have list with "Workload, Active Vms and ResponseTime".

Workload & VMs arent a problem.

We get the ResponseTime over a JMeter Test, but this is not so good i think.

Sorry for my englisch, i came from germany and my english isn't so good.

Thanks for your attention.

Best Regards, Chris

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