cinder services is not starting for mitaka centos 7

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enter code here Hi I have installed MITAKA using answer file on CENTOS 7 but cinder services are not getting started , plz let me know if its a bug.

I am stuck with my production !! Plz do reply soon

[root@openstack ~]# openstack-status == Nova services == openstack-nova-api: activating openstack-nova-compute: activating openstack-nova-network: inactive (disabled on boot) openstack-nova-scheduler: activating openstack-nova-cert: active openstack-nova-conductor: active openstack-nova-console: inactive (disabled on boot) openstack-nova-consoleauth: active openstack-nova-xvpvncproxy: inactive (disabled on boot) == Glance services == openstack-glance-api: active openstack-glance-registry: active == Keystone service == openstack-keystone: active == Horizon service == openstack-dashboard: active == neutron services == neutron-server: failed neutron-dhcp-agent: active neutron-l3-agent: failed neutron-metadata-agent: active neutron-openvswitch-agent: active == Swift services == openstack-swift-proxy: active openstack-swift-account: active openstack-swift-container: active openstack-swift-object: active == Cinder services == openstack-cinder-api: failed openstack-cinder-scheduler: failed openstack-cinder-volume: failed openstack-cinder-backup: failed== Ceilometer services == openstack-ceilometer-api: active openstack-ceilometer-central: inactive openstack-ceilometer-compute: inactive openstack-ceilometer-collector: active openstack-ceilometer-notification: active == Support services == mysqld: inactive (disabled on boot) openvswitch: active dbus: active target: active rabbitmq-server: active memcached: active == Keystone users == Warning keystonerc not sourced [root@openstack ~]# yum install openstack-cinder Loaded plugins: fastestmirror Loading mirror speeds from cached hostfile * base: * extras: * updates: Package 1:openstack-cinder-8.0.0-1.el7.noarch already installed and latest version Nothing to do

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What does the cinder logs say?

bcollins gravatar imagebcollins ( 2017-03-04 08:12:43 -0500 )edit