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Hi there!

I am new to the cloud stuff and interested to learn about it. I am trying to install openstack on dedicated node remotely. Installtion completes successfully but the issue is the Access IP for it uses the localhost IP.

**** Installation completed successfully ******

Additional information:
 * A new answerfile was created in: /root/packstack-answers-20160417-185555.txt
 * Time synchronization installation was skipped. Please note that unsynchronize                                                                             d time on server instances might be problem for some OpenStack components.
 * Warning: NetworkManager is active on OpenStack networking currentl                                                                             y does not work on systems that have the Network Manager service enabled.
 * File /root/keystonerc_admin has been created on OpenStack client host 127.0.0                                                                             .1. To use the command line tools you need to source the file.
 * To access the OpenStack Dashboard browse to .
Please, find your login credentials stored in the keystonerc_admin in your home                                                                              directory.
 * To use Nagios, browse to username: nagiosadmin, passw                                                                             ord: 160958beceae4754
 * Because of the kernel update the host requires reboot.
 * The installation log file is available at: /var/tmp/packstack/20160417-185554                                                                             -3qmQJW/openstack-setup.log
 * The generated manifests are available at: /var/tmp/packstack/20160417-185554-                                                                             3qmQJW/manifests

How can I change to some public dedicated IP of the server?

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