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Problem with enabling open source repository - Mitaka

asked 2016-04-17 06:29:12 -0500

D3LTA9 gravatar image

updated 2016-04-17 18:24:17 -0500

Hi everyone,

Quite new to this so bare with me.

Just following the installation guide currently getting an error when I try and enable the openstack repository.

when I run:

add-apt-repository cloud-archive:mitaka

I get the error that - 'mitaka': not a valid cloud-archive name and suggests the valid options. I realise mitaka only came a week or so ago but as far as I can tell it is the current stable release and therefore this should work. Am I missing something? I probably could just use liberty but I would still like to know why this does not work and would obviously prefer to be using the most current stable build.

Thanks for any input!

EDIT - sorry probably should have said I am using Ubuntu server 15.10 for my controller and compute nodes.

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answered 2016-04-18 00:49:01 -0500

D3LTA9 gravatar image

Fixed my own problem and went back to trusty 14.04. All fine now.

Is wily not supported?

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