Deploying Openstack with Infiniband

asked 2016-04-16 02:00:14 -0500

syko gravatar image


My cluster have two networks (1) 1Gb ethernet and (2) 40Gb Infiniband. I have no problem in deplying openstack with (1) 1Gb ethernet. But I am not able to do so with (2) 40Gb infiniband. Simply, I cannot ping any instance with network attached to (2).

I found an openstack wiki page: ( ( which explains how to make Infiniband work with openstack.

can any on help me understand why I need a different driver for infiniband? I thought that configuring the network with 1Gb ethernet and IPOIB (IP over Infiniband) would be the same. But why not?

Many thanks for your help

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