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asked 2016-04-11 15:47:37 -0600

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updated 2016-04-12 14:05:20 -0600

Looking for information if openstack supports Performance Monitoring counters For Example:

If I run below command on physical host:

perf stat ls
1,575,930 cycles                        #    1.585 GHz
933,369 stalled-cycles-frontend   #   59.23% frontend cycles idle
622,292 stalled-cycles-backend    #   39.49% backend  cycles idle

If I run same command on instance:

perf stat ls
<not supported> cycles
<not supported> stalled-cycles-frontend
<not supported> stalled-cycles-backend

Update After spending some time researching I still don't have an answer. What I did find and I think it's related is the CPU , model is different on virtual host than physical. I suspect some of the modules not recognizing the model.

Physical model= Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU X5650 @ 2.67GHz

Virtual model = Westmere E56xx/L56xx/X56xx (Nehalem-C)

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answered 2016-04-13 04:45:47 -0600

vikrant gravatar image

As i know some of the perf counters are different for different CPU model, perhaps they have different name for the same counters. As in your case Guest and Host CPU models are different. You can make guest CPU model same as Host - In nova.conf add cpu_mode=host-model

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The nova.conf file you are referring to is on the compute node, correct? Also which section of the nova.conf file, DEFAULT?

bobyakov gravatar imagebobyakov ( 2016-04-13 08:52:41 -0600 )edit

I updated the one compute nodes nova.conf. the virtual host CPU still does not match physical host.

bobyakov gravatar imagebobyakov ( 2016-04-13 09:16:20 -0600 )edit

This did allow me to get performance counter. Modified nova.conf on compute node under [libvirt] section. Have to create new instance after nova is modified. The CPU model now matches the physical host.

bobyakov gravatar imagebobyakov ( 2016-04-13 12:47:20 -0600 )edit

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