Compute Node with No Local VM Storage

asked 2016-04-09 14:06:28 -0500

ethode gravatar image

We would like to have a portion of our cluster setup to be volume based only. In essence I was this zone is be as independent of the compute node it self as possible. By doing this we mitigate how many machines we keep in the DR loop and then just focus on the storage servers.

Any lead would be helpful, thanks in advanced!

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Whats your exact requirement ?

Bipin gravatar imageBipin ( 2016-04-10 23:21:55 -0500 )edit

I want to be able to have VM's running 100% from volumes, so that all the compute nodes do is offer RAM and CPU resources to the cluster and nothing else. This means we could have compute nodes go down and not impact up-time of any VM's but would reduce only the available RAM and CPU available.

ethode gravatar imageethode ( 2016-04-11 09:10:09 -0500 )edit

Hi ethode, dont want to loose your VM then you can boot using the disk on remote Volume, but if compute node goes down then i think VM will go down and VMs RAM state is gone and you need to migrate the RAM state to other compute, please have a look at EVACUATE INSTANCES feature of nova

kumar lakshman kumar gravatar imagekumar lakshman kumar ( 2016-04-13 02:02:27 -0500 )edit

Thank you Kumar, that's exactly what I needed to know. It sounds like Evacuate Instances is similar to the vMotion in vmWare, which is what I was hoping to find out. This takes a lot of pressure off the compute nodes for us. We're looking at using Quanta Windmill's which have just the 1 PSU

ethode gravatar imageethode ( 2016-04-13 08:45:40 -0500 )edit