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How do I get the host to listen on port 22

asked 2016-04-06 17:42:34 -0500

scorcoran gravatar image

updated 2016-04-07 01:19:27 -0500

Bipin gravatar image

When following the Quickstart instructions, upon executing $packstack --allinone I get this error:

ERROR : Failed handling answer file: Given host does not listen on port 22:

Quickstart has this among its prerequisites:

"If you plan on having external network access to the server and instances, this is a good moment to properly configure your network settings. A static IP address to your network card, and disabling NetworkManager are good ideas."

I didn't plan to have external network access so I preceded with the installation command, but it seems I must have the host listen on port 22.

I read this answer [1] but it didn't help. Obviously I know next to nothing about networking. I've researched quite a bit and tried a couple things with no success. I'm assuming this is a very simple task for someone more knowledgeable. Any help is appreciated.

thanks, Stuart


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1 answer

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answered 2016-04-07 03:49:17 -0500

dbaxps gravatar image

updated 2016-04-07 03:52:47 -0500

Hard to complete :-

    firewall-cmd --add-port=22/tcp
    firewall-cmd --add-port=22/tcp --permanent
    systemctl start sshd
    systemctl enable sshd
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Thank you. That worked. Unfortunately the install failed later on (during HA installation). But that's another problem to research...

scorcoran gravatar imagescorcoran ( 2016-04-08 19:20:23 -0500 )edit

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