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keystone v3 is not working in python-cinderclient directly

asked 2016-04-02 07:04:31 -0500

nikesh mahalka gravatar image

cinder CLI is working happily with keystone v3. But when i am using python-cinderclient library directly in a python script, it is not working and giving below error: cinderclient.exceptions.NotFound: The resource could not be found. (HTTP 404)

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answered 2016-04-06 01:10:37 -0500

I found this is fixed and merged with this.

But after that, some other commits reverted this change. I don't know why.

Can someone tell me why this change has been omitted?

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Comments can handle v3 auth but cannot. I don't know why...

tetsuyasodo gravatar imagetetsuyasodo ( 2016-04-06 22:27:40 -0500 )edit

answered 2016-04-02 07:05:56 -0500

nikesh mahalka gravatar image

Is it a bug?

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