Is Openstack an overkill for my usage?

asked 2016-03-31 21:56:01 -0500

syko gravatar image

Hi, I am going to benchmark a certain distributed system and exploit openstack. This is my research project. There are great variety in the real environment where the systems are running on including CPU resource, Disk bandwidth, Network bandwidth & latency, and availability (online or offline).

Unfortunately I only have a cluster system which is too GOOD to simulate such a environment as I described above. One way to simulate it is to use openstack so that I can control the amount of resources each VM can have.

  1. Does this usage case fit for openstack too?
  2. I heard that the learning curve for using openstack is quite high, can you guess how long it would take to achieve my purpose? (I know this question is a lot silly but I'd like to estimate how much it would take normally).


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