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asked 2016-03-31 04:27:29 -0500

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Hello everyone, at work I was requested to create a solution to offer a sort of VMaaS solution to create VMs when needed to use them to test products or solutions.

In practice we want to use Openstack to control a pool of servers with VMware and KVM.

Let's suppose we will only have VMware servers, let's say 6. All of them will be controlled by vcenter.

What is it required to install Openstack? I'm trying to follow this guide (

I read you need 3 nodes: controller, network and compute. Does it mean I need 3 separate Ubuntu VMs and each of them will have a specific role? At the end I'll have one controller with horizon to have GUI web access, a networking node and a compute node connected to Vcenter...right?

Different addresses are specified for the different nodes (section 2 of the guide)...are these configured when I still have only Ubuntu, using ifconfig commands? or do I hacve to install openstack first?

It's all pretty obscure to me now so sorry if the question is not so clear or complete If there is someone wth some experience I'd also like to have a quick private chat just to understand the general architecture and at least the blocks i'll have to work on and how to make iopenstack interact with vcenter

thanks to all in advance!

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answered 2016-03-31 12:59:33 -0500

Hi and welcome onboard!

First of all are you aware that you referenced an old release (Juno). Current version is Liberty and in few weeks there will be a new release, Mitaka! Here the guide for the actual version.

In general all Openstack services could run wherever you want (VMs, containers, physical hosts) and you have the possibility to install them on the same server. The architecture you saw is a reference architecture, but for testing purposes you could run them on one server.

So, in your specific case, you could run a controller/network node connected to a vCenter. Be aware that working with VMware you must pay much more attention on networking aspects and that the documentation is richer if you play with KVM.

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