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Where did pass the rejoin-stack in devstack mitaka ?

asked 2016-03-31 02:32:46 -0500

Tosugueur gravatar image

In devstack mitaka there is no more a (exists in liberty). We can no more do a rjoin-stack ?

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answered 2016-04-01 03:37:22 -0500

sridhargaddam gravatar image

Yes was removed as part of the following patch

As mentioned in the commit message of the patch, had issues and was not a reliable way to re-stack. If the devstack machine is rebooted, the best way IMO is to re-run On the other hand, after devstack is setup and you want access to the screen, you can run "screen -r stack"

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answered 2016-03-31 07:54:00 -0500

dbaxps gravatar image

It's not quite necessary to stick around devstack.

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