How to do load balancing over instances using their public IPs ?

asked 2016-03-28 05:59:12 -0500

shashankgoyal171 gravatar image

I have an OpenStack setup where I am using CVR(Central Virtual Router) instead of DVR and the VM instances have public IPs which are directly reachable from ext-net(I am using No-SNAT option). I am not using Fixed IPs and floating IPs, just the public IP directly. Using this setup, I am able to do all sorts of stuff, like ping each other, SSH into an instance and so on.

However, when I try to create a load balancer v2, I am able to create the LB, add listener, pool and members to it. Now, I am running 2 servers on 2 of the members. Now, when I try to make a GET call to the these servers directly, I am able to get the desired response, but when I try to do a 'curl' to Load Balancer VIP(which is again a public IP), it throws Error 503 : Service Unavailable.

Any idea as to why the load balancer is unable to detect its members ? How can I get out of this situation ?

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