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Issues with Virtualbox scripts and Liberty release on Ubuntu 14.04

asked 2016-03-24 13:59:51 -0500

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Used Virtualbox scripts for automated install in Ubuntu 14.04, with Vbox 4.3.36, VM runs but nothing populates VBox. Fuel Master has no network connection.

I have downloaded the Liberty 8.0 release and set up Ubuntu 14.04 server with Gnome desktop. I followed the automatic process to install Openstack using the virtualbox scripts. Everything runs fine until the fuel-master starts up for the first time. It does not have any internet acccess and I cannot reach the Fuel UI at The original window perpetually shows "waiting for VM to download files..." and eventually times out.

I reviewed the steps and configuration, and noticed that when I launch virtualbox on its own, it does not list any VMs as having been installed. I'm not sure why the Fuel Master cannot reach the public internet, nor why Virtualbox isn't listing any VMs as having been created. Is there something I'm missing?

As a test to see if anything works from Virtualbox, I created a new VM in Virtualbox and saved the settings, installed and booted into Ubuntu 14.04, set up the adapter for NAT, and that works fine. The VM is saved, and listed on the list of installed VMs. So I'm not sure if I'm missing a step in the openstack install's or elsewhere when I run the scripts, and also not sure why if the virtualbox scripts create VMs, why they aren't showing up when I manually launch virtualbox. Any pointers would be appreciated.


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answered 2016-03-29 01:25:37 -0500

I have done following steps to install Fuel 8.0 my host is windows

Download and install VirtualBox Download and install VirtualBox extensions. Download Mirantis VirtualBox scripts from the Downloads tab. Download the Mirantis OpenStack ISO. ( Fuel 8.0)

I have changed file according to my requirements in RAM and ran, it will call virtual box scripts, scripts will flow like this

1) Check the connectivity of installed virtual box & environment compatibility 2) clear the existing host only adapter 3) create the new host only adapter 4) Create Fuel VM with Network adapters 5) Create controller, compute, storage nodes according to launch files with slaves

After Fuel installation reach the FUEL UI via Host only adapter make sure the firewall is not blocking, If you want internet use NAT network for fuel.

There is no issue with virtual box scripts, Fuel 8.0 Liberty.

Please create new virtual box scripts to test VM creation on virtual box, if still VM is not listed inside virtual box please update the latest one and check it

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