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console.log max size

asked 2016-03-22 18:26:01 -0600

Marco45 gravatar image

I am trying to download output console log file from one of my instance. When I use novaclient or horizon webpage to show the log I only see the last 100k of log. I need more, I saw on the compute node that my file is bigger 154k, -rw-rw---- 1 nova libvirt-qemu 154K Mar 22 21:02 /var/lib/nova/instances/5986d7a9-2a86-469c-97e4-971cf558470d/console.log

But I don’t find a way to fetch to total contain of my log.

Could you help me,


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answered 2019-10-10 04:02:46 -0600

Yi Song gravatar image

It looks the 100K is controlled by the following code on compute node.

I changed the MAX_CONSOLE_BYTES on source file, and restarted openstack-nova-compute.service, then it works.

But I don't see MAX_CONSOLE_BYTES in any nova configuration files.


MAX_CONSOLE_BYTES = 100 * units.Ki
                with libvirt_utils.file_open(path, 'rb') as fp:
                    log_data, remaining = utils.last_bytes(fp,
                    if remaining > 0:
              'Truncated console log returned, '
                                     '%d bytes ignored'), remaining,
                    return log_data
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