No connection over the VM-tunnel line

asked 2016-03-22 09:59:38 -0600

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I am setting up a OpenStack Liberty proof of concept with the Ubuntu 14.04 guide. At one point I configured my PoC differently compared to the guide: A dedicated network node. For the most points I was able to follow the Kilo Ubuntu 14.04 guide for this setup. Now there is this annoying problem. I want to test my if my Neutron agents are all running with: neutron agent-list. All the agents on the network node are there. But the agent on the compute node isn't in the list (Open vSwitch agent). In the logs there was a message that the open vSwitch agent wasn't able to set the connection up (the connection between the compute node and the network node: VM tunnel).

So, this was the startpoint to test this connection. I tested the fysical connections from the compute node eth1 to the network node eth1. The ping command returned "destination host unreachable". So the fysical interfaces wouldn't ping to each other.

To find out the error I researched if the ARPing was correct. In short, it isn't. I connected the fysical eth1 to the eth1 with one wire, direct, without switch (to rule out VLAN issues). If the compute node pings the network node there is a "destination host unreachable" message. At the same time there is a TCPdump listening on the eth1 of the compute node. It receives the ARP-request messages but it won't return them. If the network node is pinged from the compute node (other way around), there is the same issue. The ARP tables on both nodes show incomplete HW address for eth1. So there is something wrong with these nodes or with the network.

Now, my question is: can there be a conflict with Open vSwitch on the network? Or are there some other tips for my further debugging?


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