Vanilla Hadoop 2.7.1 Cluster Creation Error

asked 2016-03-20 15:38:19 -0600

Maaf4d gravatar image

I am having an issue creating a vanilla hadoop 2.7.1 cluster on OpenStack Liberty. It used to work just fine on version 2.6.0 using the same exact settings. This is the error I encounter: "Creating cluster failed for the reason(s): Heat stack failed with status CREATE_FAILED Error ID: e7b9c565_a652_4059_8661_f960_c67b41ad"

Here are my node groups template settings:

Master: xlarge flavor no availability zone ephemeral drive ext-net storage location proxy gateway enabled name node resource manager oozie history server

Worker: xlarge flavor no availability zone ephemeral drive data node node manager

Cluster Template: 1 master 3 workers

Image: Vanilla_Ubuntu_14.04 added the tags: vanilla 2.7.1

Anyone know why this is happening?


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