Baremetal Install or vSphere?

asked 2016-03-20 10:30:56 -0600

Stampede gravatar image

Hi All, I'm doing my first openstack build and I'm trying to find out what my best config would be. I have a server with ssd's for the boot, light storage and HDD for long term storage. I don't have super high specs, but it's all new parts and I'm trying to determine what route would allow me to take most advantage of my hardware.

I was thinking 2 routes, VMware with multiple open stack VM's and build my environment from there using OpenStack to create all further VM's. -Or- Install Centos7 or Ubuntu server edition and build everything on a single OS on my server and build my VM's from there.

I'm going to do basic Dev work on my VM's and I'm interested in learning the ins and outs of OpenStack through this build process. I like the flexibility of the VMware option, and I'm afraid the single OS directly on drive install will not be as efficient as VMware's multiple VM's. Anyone have experience in this, or have other options that maybe worth trying?

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