Getting error: Invalid input for field/attribute min.

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I want to get ceilometer statistics for all the meters available to a project. I am able to get stats for most of the meters but I dont know when I try to calculate statistic for meters like following, cpu, storage.objects.size,storage.containers.objects.size ,mage.size,disk.allocation ,disk.capacity,disk.usage,, disk.device.capacity ,, disk.device.usage, disk.device.allocation.

I am getting following error

Invalid input for field/attribute min. Value: '4940000000'. Wrong type. Expected '<type 'float'>', got '<class 'bson.int64.Int64'>' (HTTP 400) (Request-ID: req-11470bb4-b9e4-4f92-b9f2-8d06bd5a1c9b)
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