How to configure dnsmasq to point to pxe server on external network?

asked 2016-03-18 09:09:13 -0600

maniram477 gravatar image

I Created PXE bootable image by following this ( .

Created a bridge (br-lan) and attached an ethernet interface (eth3) to it and modified bridge-mappings setting on ml2_conf.ini to map br-lan with network name lannet. (i.e bridge-mappings=testnet:br-ex,lannet:br-lan).

Created a flat network with "lannet" as the physical network. Created a subnet with network configuration which matches my external network.

Created a Cirros Instance with lannet attached to it to test connectivity and found no issues with the connectivity between Instance and pxe server.

Created another Instance with ipxe image. The Instance is getting ip and then Err with connection Timed out.

I think the IP is assigned by dnsmasq not by the pxe server. If dnsmasq is cofigured to point the pxe server then Instance might be able boot from PXE server.

Please Let me know also If there is any other alternative method.

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