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Openstack Glance, boot an Image

asked 2016-03-18 08:57:18 -0500

Ray gravatar image

Hello everybody,

i am very new to OpenStack and in order to understand OpenS I started to install it. I launched an compute node an controller node and set network for each other. Also I installed the identity service and glance. I didnt install nova or any other service. So, after the installation of glance I stored an .iso image file on glance. Can I now boot remotly from an OpenStack client this .iso image on glance or do I need any other service before to do so? Kind regards

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answered 2016-03-19 01:27:03 -0500

Bipin gravatar image

For a working Openstack environment, you have to follow the This official Document. Nova is the major component in openstack, without it you cannot spin up a virtual machine. Read the Core components of openstack before begin.

Good Luck

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answered 2016-03-19 03:44:16 -0500

Mohit gravatar image

Nova is the compute resource of openstack and is a major one , You mentioned it as compute node and you should have installed nova packages on the compute node.if yes then there would be response for nova image-list and nova boot --image your-image-name --flavor m1.small --key_name test MyFirstServer

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